Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any recipes you won’t share?  Yes, there are a few family recipes I plan to only share with my kids. And they aren’t allowed to share them either!

Do you accept guest bloggers? My Mama raised me to be a gracious host, and I carry that into blogging. I am always open to guest bloggers. If you have an idea or are interested in doing a post please email me at

With all the bacon your family eats how are you healthy? Sure, we eat bacon, but we also eat salads, and we steer clear of overly processed foods, or adding tons of salt to what we eat. No one in our home has high cholesterol or other issues. Even though I cook with bacon (and butter) we manage to eat a balanced diet and exercise. Even with bacon moderation and common sense is the key!

Would you be willing to write a review or a post about my product? I am open to reviews and posts featuring products I feel would be of interest and value to my readers. If you think you or your product might be a good fit please email me at or check out here.

I see you write reviews and have affiliate links, how can I trust you if you are compensated for some  of what you post? Great question, and feel free to read my full disclosure policy here. The short version is I will only work with and feature products I believe in and stand behind and I feel will be of value to my readers. Affiliate posts will be labeled as such, but will contain ONLY my honest opinions.

Where does your love of cooking come from? So many of my happiest memories have a link to food. The weekends spent as a kid watching Three Stooges and eating goulash or grilled cheese with my dad. The fresh fried perch and walleye my Poppa would make at the fishing cabin in Canada. The amazing buckwheat pancakes my Grandma E made from scratch when we spent the weekend in Silver Creek. My Great Grandma always in he kitchen making amazing sauce and the best cookies I have ever had. My Grandma Millie encouraging my many kitchen experiments (most of which involved chocolate, ice cream, and more sugar). An endless stream of amazing home-cooked meals by my Mom, who never followed a recipe, and always puts her own spin on food (and it always works out!). I come from a family of skilled home-cooks, it is only natural that I share their love of cooking for those we love.

What’s this about cooking professionally? I have always loved food, and I enjoyed cooking. But, I didn’t discover my passion for it until a friend offered me the opportunity to try being a prep cook at the restaurant he was opening. I can remember that first day I walked into a professional kitchen like it was yesterday. I didn’t last as a prep cook long. I was promoted to the line my second shift. I worked at several restaurants over many years before my husband and I found out we were expecting Harper. I miss the rush of working on the line. There is nothing out there like working in a restaurant kitchen. But, I love cooking for my family, my friends, and for the Bacon Coffee Mama readers. Someday though, I would love to get back into a kitchen, maybe my own.

Do you really have a jar of your Grandmother’s bacon grease? I do. When I was helping my Mama clean out Grandma’s house I stumbled upon her jar of bacon grease in the fridge. Of course I took it home, and though I have my own (much bigger) grease container I use just a little of Grandma’s in my favorite recipes. I add a little rendered grease to it to make sure it never goes less than half empty. It makes me feel like a piece of her is there, cooking with me.

We miss her so, but she is still with us.

Where do your pictures come from? For the most part I take my own pictures. Some come from pixabay and the rest my Head of Graphic Design (Bacon Beer Daddy aka my helpful design trained hubby) takes for me.

Where do your recipes come from? Mostly my head. Some are recipes I have cooked for years. Some are my own twists on family recipes. I find inspiration all over. Tucker often bemoans the fact that I have way too many cooking shows filling up the DVR. Often I think on a favorite dish and puzzle out how I can add things I, and my family love. To put our own touch on it, which often involves adding bacon.

You blog about your kids and Husband are they okay with that? They are more than okay with it. Tucker is supportive and, like a teen, ambivalent. He rarely checks to see what I am posting before I do, though I do talk to him about any posts I think he might want a heads up about or not approve of. Harper loves posing for Instagram posts and is all for any meal that highlights bacon! And my Hubby, my amazing Bacon Beer Daddy, is so supportive and I don’t know if I would of started the site without his encouragement and rock steady belief in me.

How do I contact you? Email me at or find me on social media.

Can I use one of your photos or recipes on my site? All photos and written material on my site is copyrighted. Please, please ask me first before using material on your site. Linking in is of course welcome.

Are there any foods you don’t like? YES. Anything anise or black licorice (I shuddered just typing that). I am not a fan of lasagna, soda in plastic bottles, ice tea, watermelon, ranch dressing, ostrich,

Where else can I find you on the internet? Great question. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just click and you will find me!

What’s your favorite kind of bacon? That is a tougher question than you might think. I am absolutely in love with the bacon at my favorite local meat market, they smoke it in house, and IT IS AMAZING. What I have learned however is that a thick real smoked bacon isn’t always ideal for certain recipes. Occasionally I use standard store bought bacon because it’s thinner and easier to work with in some recipes.

With your love of bacon do you hate vegetarians and vegans? NO! I love veggies, and try to serve my family a meatless meal once a week. A person’s dietary choices are their own, and I respect that. And if a vegan or vegetarian stumbles onto my site I would love to hear if there is a good veggie-bacon.

Besides bacon are you obsessed with any other ingredients? Oh yes! Real butter. Rosemary. Soup base. Bleu Cheese. BBQ (that’s not an ingredient but still a food obsession). Coffee (to drink and cook with). Dr. Pepper, I really love a can of Dr. Pepper on a hot day.

I am new here where should I start/ I want to know more: Welcome! To learn more about the blog/me check here. For some darn tasty recipes check here and for some great conversations about parenting check here.