About Bacon Coffee Mama

Bacon Coffee Mama is a combination of two of my greatest passions: my family and cookin’. Within this blog you’ll find recipes for delicious home-cooked food. You’ll also find a bit of parenting humor and a whole lot of conversation about what really makes a good parent. In my experience the smell of good food cookin’ is one of the best ways to draw folks in. It’s my hope that even if you come for the cookin’ you’ll stay for the coffee and conversation.

About Mama Ally

I’m a Mama, wife, and cook. I have a deep love of coffee (it keeps this Mama goin). I can’t get enough of old Law & Order episodes. I love cooking, but I’m terrible at baking (too precise for me). I’m a rabid Buffalo Bills fan (born and raised). I love the outdoors, and go hiking, fishing, or camping with my family as often as I can. When I’m not doing all the other things that fill my days I work from home as a freelance writer, and do some transcribing as well.

Like many mamas I lose sight of myself while taking care of those I love. My son, Tucker, is 16 now. Tucker is tall, smart, funny, and has beautiful blue eyes (yup Tuck, I’m still calling them beautiful no matter what ya think). He is also angsty, skilled in the art of mumbling, and talented at dodging long conversations with his parents. Harper is my baby. Six years old and that girl has more moxie than I could ever dream of having. And, somehow this former tom-boy raised a pink loving girly-girl. But, Harper loves to fish, camp, and help her Mama in the kitchen, so she’s at least part me.

Behind my love of cookin’ and the decision to start this blog is the man willing to try every dish and run to the store as many times as necessary to complete a recipe; my hubby, Bacon Beer Daddy (he picked that name all on his own). He loves camo, country music, and a good dark beer. He is a great father, provider, and most of all my biggest supporter. He is the one who pushes me to follow my dreams, reminds me when I am too nice, and calms me when my anxiety takes over and my self confidence fails. My Head of Graphic Design he helps with pictures and all things visual. And, let’s not forget he runs to the store … A LOT. So, that’s me- Mama, wife, cook, and now blogger.

About The Cookin’

Those close to me will tell you I have a knack for flavors, for cookin. I won’t deny I love to cook, and I’m darn good at it. But, I wasn’t born a great cook. The first meal I ever cooked in my apartment ended with tears, a call to my Mama (who was laughing hysterically), smoke pouring out of my oven, and takeout to eat. I got better, real fast, after that. I can proudly say I have only started two more kitchen fires in the 20 years since then.

I grew up around people who loved to cook. My Great Grandma was an amazing Italian cook. To this day I have yet to come across anyone who could cook venison, perch, or buckwheat pancakes as well as my Grandma. My parents both are great cooks. I started working in restaurants when I was 16 and I worked in that industry until I became a stay at home mom. My love of food and cooking is rooted in my family. That love really blossomed after a friend offered me the opportunity to work in the kitchen of the restaurant he was opening. It was then that I really found my passion. I even took a few classes at a culinary school. I still rush around like a line cook now in my own kitchen.

I went from setting tater tots on fire at 18 to cooking professionally at 24 to the skilled home-cook I am today. I don’t cook on a line now, instead I cook for family and friends (one traveled internationally to have some of my famous Buffalo Bleu Cheese Turkey Burgers). I may not have prep cooks but I have two kids who can and will prep for me. And, I have my husband, who is a more than capable sous chef (because I taught him everything he knows). We make amazing food and great memories, I hope the recipes and stories I share inspire you to get in the kitchen with those you love to make your own great food and amazing memories.

And the Coffee & Conversation

Life as a parent is busy. My ToDo list is always longer than the hours in the day. I don’t get a lot of time to sit back and have conversations (conversations with small children do not count here). BUT, when I get a message that reads, “Coffee?” I will find the time. Those messages come from my best mom friend, my BFF, the woman I love like a sister. The drive to our local coffee shop is pretty short (though sometimes the line is long), but that 20-40 minute car ride is our time to rattle off everything going on in our families, seek advice, share opinions, rant, gossip, and discuss the things stressing us the most. The coffee’s amazing, but the conversation’s better.

As a Mama, coffee and conversation has been my “Me-Time.” As a kid my parents would sit every evening and have a cup of coffee together after us kids laid down. Maybe that’s where I learned the value of a good cup of coffee and a brief kidless conversation. My first date with Bacon Beer Hubby was coffee and the kind of conversation that makes a cynical divorced mama wonder if love at first sip is possible. To this day those that love me know that what this Mama wants most is 30 minutes of coffee and conversation.

A part of who I am and what this site is about is that moment we all need- to sit down with a cup of coffee and have a conversation. A long time ago, shortly after I divorced my ex-husband one of my Grandmothers said to me,”Well, Ally dear, maybe if you hadn’t felt the need to always share your opinion you might still be married.” Ouch Grandma! But, she was right, not about why my marriage failed, but that I am not one to hold my tongue. I’m one to speak my mind, to shout if need be. Part of Bacon Coffee Mama is about parenting humor, laughing at the crap our kids put us through.

The other part is the beliefs this Mama holds dear. A parent should be their own toughest critic, not a sea of judging voices on the internet, at the store, and in our families. We all muddle through the dark, sometimes drowning in fear, stress, and what-ifs; wondering if even half the choices we’ve made as parents are the right ones. There is no place for sanctimony in parenting, just because a Mama parents different than you doesn’t mean either of you parent better.

So sit down with a cup of coffee and join in the conversation, I look forward to hearing from ya!