Best Small Modern House Designs and Floor Plans

Small modern house designs and floor plans are a real challenge for decoration and interior design. Its dimensions or distribution are factors that often condition the decorative project of its spaces, but these limitations do not have to be translated into bland or unattractive projects. A flirty accessories, a specific aesthetic piece of furniture, a […]

Breathtaking Small Pool House Design

When the heat is stronger than usual and the kids are on vacation, the ideal to cool off at home and have them entertained, without leaving, is a patio small pool house plans, it does not have to be very large, nor your patio nor the pool. A straight side and another almost a semicircle, […]

Beautiful Small Houses Color

Before we could identify the beautiful small houses decoration in white with the minimalist style but, currently the white fits in any style of decoration , so the first thing we must find out is what style you like to decorate the different spaces and depending on their characteristics include the white color as the […]

About Small Energy Efficient House Plans Ideas

Small energy efficient house plans – Would you consider buying a car that needs a lot of fuel to be able to walk? Using this same logic, would not it be wise to build a house that does not spend a lot of energy during its entire useful life? If you want to build a […]

How to Decorate a Small House Bedroom

How many times have we asked ourselves:  how to decorate a small house to obtain more space, so that we can change the decoration easily without spending a lot of money, so that the result is functional and cozy? Well, we believe we have the answer that can solve all the questions: for example, using […]

Best Small House Designs in the World Build

Best small house designs in the world does not have to be necessarily simple, the decoration offers many styles for the small space and it is not an excuse to ignore its warmth. Each style has incredible results that can be adapted in the best way to your personality. When we talk about the facade, […]

Custom Small Cat House

The cats are the undisputed masters of our house, but it is important that we enable an exclusive space for them (either inside or outside). It is true that we can buy small cat house in any specialized store, but if we want to save some money and / or build houses for house cats […]

Simple Small House Communities

The lack of space is a challenge when organizing and decorating our rooms so that they are comfortable and functional. We want you to know how the owners of these small house communities of less than 50 m2 have done it, in which they took maximum advantage of the little space, without renouncing the good […]

Small House with Wrap around Porch Brick

Having a beautiful small house with wrap around porch is priceless. Those few square meters that we add to the house may be few but they contribute a lot. The porches (as well as the patios, gardens and terraces) make us enjoy our home more and be happier. A porch is a space attached to […]

Nice Small Houses Garage

In it you can see different ideas of furniture, accessories, color palettes and everything necessary to make the best use of a nice small houses in terms of distribution and also talking about decoration. They all look very nice and make all spaces, however small, look very elegant and special. Do not be afraid to […]