Clever Storage Ideas for Small Houses Bathroom

As is often the case, many of us live in fewer square meters than we would like, and we often twist our brains to make the most of the (little) space available. But living in a small apartment does not have to be a drama if you know how to find storage places where there […]

Modern Small Beach House Decorating Ideas

Summer exile is one of those mental escapes most common for all throughout year. And not a few dream of a recurring landscape: their second summer residence or small beach house decorating ideas. And just as you do not wear your office shirts to beach, nor do you usually go to work in a swimsuit, […]

Small Lake House Decorating Ideas Cost

If it’s about enjoying nature and contemplating the countryside, why not use large glass panels to enjoy the natural environment? A wooden small lake house decorating ideas made of rough, painted or apparent wood logs, is mixed with the landscape and the rustic ambience of the countryside. Imagine having a cabin by the lake, as […]

Build Small Lake House Plans with Screened Porch

Small lake house plans with screened porch – This house was built with an apparent wood structure, water roof tile walls and colonial masonry with exposed bricks and yellow paint of two decks. The terrace around the house works as an open terrace, and proposes a total integration with the surrounding nature. This very compact […]

Adorable Small Lake House Design

The main attraction of a country house is its surroundings and sharing with nature. Therefore, the house can be so small that it ensures convenience and comfort. Today we present small lake house, with professional design of different materials and styles, but they have many things in common, such as functionality, comfort and aesthetic and […]

Best Small Modern House

The house of your dreams does not need to be a mansion or contain too many square meters to have a style of its own, a lot of character and personality. Today we will show you facades and main entrances of small modern house in footage but big in ideas and in terms of design. […]

Modern Small House 3D Plan

Small house decorating – When we are in very narrow spaces or small a good idea is to add small details of color that stand out and achieve personality, originality, authenticity and character to the place. For example, this room would not be the same without that carpet or without that blue chair. LED lights […]

Build Small House Bliss

Small house bliss – Do you have a house or an apartment that is too small and, therefore, you are not sure how to decorate and design it aesthetically and at the same time functional? Quiet, you’re not alone in this. If this is your case, we recommend you to see the ideas that come […]

Front Porch Ideas for Small Houses Brick

Front porch ideas for small houses – The word porch is derived from the Latin word “porta”, which means “door” or “entrance”; this architectural element is a great idea to decorate the exterior of our house, since in addition to shading it when the days are very sunny, we can enjoy the freshness of the […]

Small House Furniture Bedroom

Do you have a small house? If so, in the post this week I talk about small house furniture, which is now so fashionable in the United States, but we do not have to go so far as many houses in Europe are not as big as we would like. Every time they make the […]