Chic Small Beach House for Sale

Nobody imagines a small beach house for sale with interiors decorated in the purest classic style, with baroque furniture and damask textiles, why not? Rather, the houses on the coast logically transport us to marine environments full of light and dominated by a color palette based on whites and blues. That’s why when we look […]

Lake Small House Big Garage

Are you looking for garage ideas to design for your home? Then you are in the right place! This time in here we will share some ideas and tips about small house big garage, garages, that place where you keep your favorite companion: your car. If you do not like the doors and you live […]

3d Small 2 Bedroom House

The distribution of the house, would then be according to the following plan, small 2 bedroom house and an office with sofa bed. The master bedroom in a spacious suite. It has a dressing room located in front of the bed and through it you access the bathroom. The closets of the dressing room, all […]

Small Castle House Plans 3D

Small castle house plans – Do not be afraid of large windows, although they do represent a considerable absorption of the walls , because they can no longer be used to fold furniture to the edges, add points by allowing great natural lighting and, with this, a visual deception that reflects more space. In addition, […]

How to Small House Decorating Ideas

Small house decorating ideas – For this room choose a minimal and light decoration. Opt for multifunctional furniture, which even have a secret space that helps save space; for example, a drawer under the sofa. In addition to this, pay attention to the dimensions because they do matter, so preferably avoid too large components and […]

Nice Small House Images

If you have a small house images and you want to furnish it with all the comforts, it is important to optimize the spaces to avoid that the already small structure, from the point of view of the dimensions, is even narrower and less habitable. The great effort lies in making a small house, through […]

Build Small Beach Houses

We have not done more than start June and we are all thinking about vacations. And it is logical, because with arrival of good weather and heat, we come to head a lot of summer memories. If you are one of those who love coast and you are lucky enough to have a little house […]

Small House Storage Bedroom

Every day we face a real estate reality that came to stay in our society, small spaces. Today it is increasingly common to find small house storage in green apartments and even in homes far from the city. They force us to live upwards and almost to program ourselves as a family, but not everything […]

Chic Small House Open Floor Plan

There is a large sector of society that, in order to buy small house open floor plan, resorts to loans from certain institutions in our country that are dedicated exclusively to the mortgage sector. These constructions have been carried out for several decades, but in the last 20 years, demographic density has grown so much, […]

Chic Small House Open Floor Plans

The most important thing in a new building is to have the distribution plans of the house well organized, when we have small house open floor plans the organization of social spaces (living room, dining room), intimate (bedrooms) or toilet, it becomes more complicated, here we are going to see some plans to give us […]