Small House Design Compact

Small house design are fashionable ! The few square meters attract a lot of attention when investing. However, the lack of space makes the creative part of our minds wake up and start the ingenuity of accommodating our furniture and spaces in the best way possible. In this case, the architects and designers make an […]

Modern Small House Plans 3D

A detail that will elevate the style of the decoration of your modern small house plans, is to place works of art that will denote your preferences and your personality, as in this case, adding elegance and sophistication in addition to making the atmosphere cozy and sensational. Yellow is a cheerful color that represents the […]

House Plans For Small Homes Deck

House plans for small homes – Earth tones are among the most used in decoration of modern trend as they are capable of transmitting emotions and influence the mood of people. These colors create calm and cozy spaces perfect for socializing and resting. These tones provide a natural environment, so your room will be perfect […]

Build Wooden Dolls House

In this post I will tell you how my husband and I made our small wooden dolls house , I will also explain how to assemble, paint and decorate your dollhouse  with very easy and practical tips. The truth is that it was a very nice experience and we had a great time. Since I […]

Childs Small Bouncy House

Traditional methods of small bouncy house construction have been based on heavy and resistant materials that require a lot of time in their construction and use a lot of labor. Its structures are inflatable, built on the basis of plastic and fabric. Subsequently, they are filled with air to give them volume and solidity. They […]

Small Houses with Porches Barn

Small houses with porches – The porch is a space that increases the feeling of well-being in our homes, creating an area that allows us to enjoy the outdoors and nature that surrounds us. These simple open spaces have a cover that helps protect from solar incidence, making the porches a place to spend a […]

Luxury Small Modern House Plans

Small modern house plans – The modern style is perfect for decorating small spaces because first of all looks for simplicity both in the lines of the furniture and in the range of colors, prioritizing neutral tones that offer relaxed and quiet environments. The modern style also has as a constant, keep the environments integrated […]

Best Small Green House

Building homemade small green house is an excellent solution to have some summer crops in winter. In fact, homemade greenhouses have several important advantages, crops are generally better, the duration to grow is greater. A greenhouse in the garden or in the garden has the undisputed advantage of extending the period of planting outside the […]

Build Small Timber Frame House Plans

Small timber frame house plans – Few people are able to appreciate the great beauty that wood brings with it  in the home; not only in matters of furniture and decorative elements, but as a fundamental part of the construction itself. If you are a lover of the classic, cozy environments and housing full of […]

Best Small Modern House Designs

Small modern house designs – Try this idea: connect all the work surfaces that you have in your kitchen, the design will look uniform and help you to free some walls of the room, which can be very useful to house windows, corridors, and so on. The advice is to occupy the corner of any […]