Build Unique Small House Plans

The ornamented frames, in gold or metallic colors, are ideal to place as protagonists in the decoration of unique small house plans, design of reception rooms , dining rooms and living rooms . These frames can be useful in mirrors and also in oils and paints of any value (copies). To complete the work following […]

Build Small Ranch Style House Plans

In small ranch style house plans, any corner is likely to become appropriate setting to house a solution that adds charm and personality to design. Taking advantage of space under staircase to create a small interior garden is a fantastic idea to decorate a small house with style.  Another simple decoration idea that you can […]

Small Ranch House Plans 3D

The integration of spaces is a very contemporary approach ideal for small ranch house plans. The open concept allows the rooms to merge generating a greater sense of spaciousness so that, in line with this trend, you can project spaces that add up without recharging them with excessive ornaments, simply delimit their use subtly and […]

Small Adobe House Plans 3D

Many architectural projects suffer from a functional approach that can sometimes translate into a lack of aesthetic appeal derived from the absence of warmth and style. However, the design and interior decoration are the best way to provide these spaces with their own personality. Small adobe house plans are a separate chapter and is that […]

Bedroom Small Contemporary House Plans

Small contemporary house plans – Therefore, the most practical way to look like luxury homes is to use ornaments finished with this refined look. For this we only need to place objects in strategic places that simulate a great economic value, such as: vases of decorated ceramics, ornamented frames to hang some paintings or mirrors […]

Small Luxury House Plans Design

Small luxury house plans – Decorating to create luxurious homes can be difficult and we always think that we will need a high budget, but it does not always have to be that way. It is possible to make an elegant home without large outlays. Who would not like to enjoy a home like luxury […]

Modern Small Lake House Plans

We take as reference to name this article to the homonymous American film the small lake house plans where the protagonist of the film is a house and where also of the plot (between real and fantastic) that talks about the action of destiny in relationships between people, is an excuse to talk about architecture. […]

Build Small Beach House Plans

Small beach house plans – To add touches or strokes of color, you can opt for soft tones such as blue and green, marine and relaxing effect. Or you can dare with more vibrant and intense colors such as turquoise or green water. If you are thinking about changing the decoration of your small beach […]

Modern Small Craftsman House Plans

Small craftsman house plans – Maybe you only have space to place a nice piece of furniture that allows you to leave keys, correspondence and a purse, so we advise you to choose furniture that has the special touch that accentuates the personality of your home and of course your tastes. In this example, the […]

Adorable Small House Plans with Pictures

Small house plans with pictures colors to combine are shades of beige, creamy yellows, earthy greens and browns and gray. This combination of colors dissolves the lines of the room and help create depth. And this is the perfect example of modernity and elegance, where they combine a variety of these shades such as gray, […]