Small Houses with Porches Barn

Small houses with porches – The porch is a space that increases the feeling of well-being in our homes, creating an area that allows us to enjoy the outdoors and nature that surrounds us. These simple open spaces have a cover that helps protect from solar incidence, making the porches a place to spend a […]

Front Porch Ideas for Small Houses Brick

Front porch ideas for small houses – The word porch is derived from the Latin word “porta”, which means “door” or “entrance”; this architectural element is a great idea to decorate the exterior of our house, since in addition to shading it when the days are very sunny, we can enjoy the freshness of the […]

Small House with Wrap around Porch Brick

Having a beautiful small house with wrap around porch is priceless. Those few square meters that we add to the house may be few but they contribute a lot. The porches (as well as the patios, gardens and terraces) make us enjoy our home more and be happier. A porch is a space attached to […]