Chic Small House Open Floor Plan

There is a large sector of society that, in order to buy small house open floor plan, resorts to loans from certain institutions in our country that are dedicated exclusively to the mortgage sector. These constructions have been carried out for several decades, but in the last 20 years, demographic density has grown so much, […]

Chic Small House Open Floor Plans

The most important thing in a new building is to have the distribution plans of the house well organized, when we have small house open floor plans the organization of social spaces (living room, dining room), intimate (bedrooms) or toilet, it becomes more complicated, here we are going to see some plans to give us […]

Beautiful Small Houses Color

Before we could identify the beautiful small houses decoration in white with the minimalist style but, currently the white fits in any style of decoration , so the first thing we must find out is what style you like to decorate the different spaces and depending on their characteristics include the white color as the […]