Modern Small Craftsman House Plans

Small craftsman house plans – Maybe you only have space to place a nice piece of furniture that allows you to leave keys, correspondence and a purse, so we advise you to choose furniture that has the special touch that accentuates the personality of your home and of course your tastes. In this example, the […]

Adorable Small House Plans with Pictures

Small house plans with pictures colors to combine are shades of beige, creamy yellows, earthy greens and browns and gray. This combination of colors dissolves the lines of the room and help create depth. And this is the perfect example of modernity and elegance, where they combine a variety of these shades such as gray, […]

Nice Small Mediterranean House Plans

This book is about a more typical decorative style in warm countries: small mediterranean house plans. As its name implies, it is a style that is characterized by fantastic climatic conditions of Mediterranean Sea. In general terms, but showing a clear idea of ​​what you will see next, we will show you characteristics of a […]

Beautiful Simple Small House Plans

Today, architectural designs have become smaller worldwide becoming spaces style mini loft, without divisions, so most start looking for spaces that have environments of simple small house plans open. An effect of crisis? Is it consequence of social changes in recent years, where we see fewer and fewer complete families, where we often meet single […]

Build Floor Plans for Small Houses

Floor plans for small houses – Join us to know these environments and steal some ideas.  Eames chairs with classics of modern design and go very well in small dining rooms and integrated spaces. The reason for this is that the lack of arms and the ergonomics of your seat, fit on any table and […]

Barn Small Rustic House Plans

The somewhat smaller size and its simplicity define the designs of small rustic house plans. These attractive designs make affordable holiday homes, its rustic simplicity is ideal for the mountain, near a lake and even the beach, however rustic cabins are gaining a place in the city as well. The cabins have a rustic atmosphere […]

Cool Small Two Story House Plans

Some motivations surround the need for a small two story house plans. It may be the desire for greater comfort and to achieve a substantial separation between the social area and the private and rest area. However, there is a tendency that seems to appear and corresponds to the expectation of sharing the home with […]

Build Small Country Cottage House Plans

Do you have a house in the countryside and want to renovate your decor without spending too much? Next, we review different ideas of small country cottage house plans for all tastes. We begin this review of the decoration of the houses cottages with a traditional and classic line. In this case, you can choose […]

House Plans For Small Homes Deck

House plans for small homes – Earth tones are among the most used in decoration of modern trend as they are capable of transmitting emotions and influence the mood of people. These colors create calm and cozy spaces perfect for socializing and resting. These tones provide a natural environment, so your room will be perfect […]

Build Small Timber Frame House Plans

Small timber frame house plans – Few people are able to appreciate the great beauty that wood brings with it  in the home; not only in matters of furniture and decorative elements, but as a fundamental part of the construction itself. If you are a lover of the classic, cozy environments and housing full of […]