Lake Small House Big Garage

Are you looking for garage ideas to design for your home? Then you are in the right place! This time in here we will share some ideas and tips about small house big garage, garages, that place where you keep your favorite companion: your car. If you do not like the doors and you live […]

Small Castle House Plans 3D

Small castle house plans – Do not be afraid of large windows, although they do represent a considerable absorption of the walls , because they can no longer be used to fold furniture to the edges, add points by allowing great natural lighting and, with this, a visual deception that reflects more space. In addition, […]

How to Small House Decorating Ideas

Small house decorating ideas – For this room choose a minimal and light decoration. Opt for multifunctional furniture, which even have a secret space that helps save space; for example, a drawer under the sofa. In addition to this, pay attention to the dimensions because they do matter, so preferably avoid too large components and […]

Nice Small House Images

If you have a small house images and you want to furnish it with all the comforts, it is important to optimize the spaces to avoid that the already small structure, from the point of view of the dimensions, is even narrower and less habitable. The great effort lies in making a small house, through […]

Small House Storage Bedroom

Every day we face a real estate reality that came to stay in our society, small spaces. Today it is increasingly common to find small house storage in green apartments and even in homes far from the city. They force us to live upwards and almost to program ourselves as a family, but not everything […]

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Houses Bathroom

As is often the case, many of us live in fewer square meters than we would like, and we often twist our brains to make the most of the (little) space available. But living in a small apartment does not have to be a drama if you know how to find storage places where there […]

Build Small House Bliss

Small house bliss – Do you have a house or an apartment that is too small and, therefore, you are not sure how to decorate and design it aesthetically and at the same time functional? Quiet, you’re not alone in this. If this is your case, we recommend you to see the ideas that come […]

Best Small Modern House Designs and Floor Plans

Small modern house designs and floor plans are a real challenge for decoration and interior design. Its dimensions or distribution are factors that often condition the decorative project of its spaces, but these limitations do not have to be translated into bland or unattractive projects. A flirty accessories, a specific aesthetic piece of furniture, a […]

Breathtaking Small Pool House Design

When the heat is stronger than usual and the kids are on vacation, the ideal to cool off at home and have them entertained, without leaving, is a patio small pool house plans, it does not have to be very large, nor your patio nor the pool. A straight side and another almost a semicircle, […]

Best Small House Designs in the World Build

Best small house designs in the world does not have to be necessarily simple, the decoration offers many styles for the small space and it is not an excuse to ignore its warmth. Each style has incredible results that can be adapted in the best way to your personality. When we talk about the facade, […]