Cozy Small Backyard House

Do you think decorating your small backyard house is a headache? Nothing further from reality. From the most ostentatious ideas such as designing a pool area or a barbecue to the simplest as a resting area where you only have multiple cushions, everything is possible with a little creativity. For lovers of classic designs there […]

Beach Small House on Stilts

In this magazine we want to show you the possibilities of building a small house on stilts to be your holiday refuge, where you can escape from the stress of the city. And give the opportunity to wood as a natural and ecological building material to live the experience in a 100% sustainable environment. The […]

Buy Small Barbie Doll House

As we all know, the Barbie doll brand has very old origins. More and more original and innovative, marking milestones in the history of children’s toys. In addition to the different lines of dolls, the company Mattel has created a line of small barbie doll house , which like good wine has been improved over […]

Best Small House Design Ideas

Although it seems very simple and tiny, this small house design ideas is sensational, since it offers a design of adjustment to all climates presented wherever it ends located. Its advantages are not only to adjust to climatic conditions, but also to take advantage of available resources and the power to reduce the environmental impact […]

Charm Small Houses Prefab

The small houses prefab has a total area of ​​100 square meters, the perfect space to have and invest just what is necessary. Here there are three bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining room, as well as front and rear terrace. This beautiful little house is surrounded by lots of green, its advantage is […]

Small House Design Compact

Small house design are fashionable ! The few square meters attract a lot of attention when investing. However, the lack of space makes the creative part of our minds wake up and start the ingenuity of accommodating our furniture and spaces in the best way possible. In this case, the architects and designers make an […]

Build Wooden Dolls House

In this post I will tell you how my husband and I made our small wooden dolls house , I will also explain how to assemble, paint and decorate your dollhouse  with very easy and practical tips. The truth is that it was a very nice experience and we had a great time. Since I […]

Childs Small Bouncy House

Traditional methods of small bouncy house construction have been based on heavy and resistant materials that require a lot of time in their construction and use a lot of labor. Its structures are inflatable, built on the basis of plastic and fabric. Subsequently, they are filled with air to give them volume and solidity. They […]

Best Small Green House

Building homemade small green house is an excellent solution to have some summer crops in winter. In fact, homemade greenhouses have several important advantages, crops are generally better, the duration to grow is greater. A greenhouse in the garden or in the garden has the undisputed advantage of extending the period of planting outside the […]

Best Small Modern House Designs

Small modern house designs – Try this idea: connect all the work surfaces that you have in your kitchen, the design will look uniform and help you to free some walls of the room, which can be very useful to house windows, corridors, and so on. The advice is to occupy the corner of any […]