3D Small 4 Bedroom House Plans

Small 4 bedroom house plans – The use of blueprints for the design and construction of a house is essential. We want to show you five fantastic constructions along with their plans, so you can get an idea of ​​how the ideas on paper are related and those that are put into practice. You will […]

Buy Small Barbie House

Do you have girls at home? Well then I propose to make an original idea for them. I will show you 6 ways in which you can make a very nice small barbie house. Choose the one you like or make them all. You can do them with things you have at home, so do […]

Cozy Small Minimalist House

When you have a living room or small rooms in your small minimalist house, sometimes you want to tear down the walls to make room, but one way to have walls without having them is to put glass or mirrors to separate the rooms, this will achieve independence of each space without losing amplitude. If […]

Build Small Cottage House Plans

Nowadays there are many who dream of having a small refuge in the countryside where they can disconnect from the routine and enjoy nature. For this reason,  the most traditional and spacious small cottage house plans are being joined by the construction of small and unique country houses , a trend that seeks to optimize […]

New Small Wood Stove For Tiny House

Small wood stove for tiny house – Strolling down a street with that characteristic smell, awakens longings, dreams and nostalgia: it is the smell produced by wood stoves . This smell is much more common in towns with country homes and spacious than in the city, where one of the handicaps of small apartments is […]

Modern Small Pool House

Now that the heat lashes without mercy and the summer just begins, small pool house falls as a glove to any owner, even one who believes that your yard may be too small. Therefore, without further ado or delay, we will see in this Book of Ideas the best ideas to have a small patio […]

Cool Small Simple House Plans

Small spaces always bring us conflict and if we have a small simple house plans we are always faced with the dilemma of how we are going to decorate it so that it looks broad and modern; this brings us great dilemmas when it comes to choosing accessories and colors. There are styles that lend […]

Charm Small Cape Cod House

The implication of modernity is minimal so that the main thing is to highlight the landscape surrounding the construction. That is why in this book of ideas you will witness great projects, small cape cod house with beautiful natural environments, with key resources and strategic location, houses made by great professionals and that will undoubtedly […]

Blue Building a Small House

In general, the combination of colors used is perfect. On the other hand the doors and windows are decorated with transparent glass, the same that perfectly reflects the environment. And to finish nothing better than creating a side garden along the sidewalk. This simple one-story building a small house was built with a strong and […]

Pictures of Small Houses Build

In large cities we are used to living in small apartments, while family homes tend to be larger. But have you ever thought about living in a super small house? Let’s go, comprehensively, to break their prejudices about pictures of small houses and make them fall in love with them. The first example is a […]