Modern Small House 3D Plan

Small house decorating – When we are in very narrow spaces or small a good idea is to add small details of color that stand out and achieve personality, originality, authenticity and character to the place. For example, this room would not be the same without that carpet or without that blue chair. LED lights […]

Small House Furniture Bedroom

Do you have a small house? If so, in the post this week I talk about small house furniture, which is now so fashionable in the United States, but we do not have to go so far as many houses in Europe are not as big as we would like. Every time they make the […]

About Small Energy Efficient House Plans Ideas

Small energy efficient house plans – Would you consider buying a car that needs a lot of fuel to be able to walk? Using this same logic, would not it be wise to build a house that does not spend a lot of energy during its entire useful life? If you want to build a […]

How to Decorate a Small House Bedroom

How many times have we asked ourselves:  how to decorate a small house to obtain more space, so that we can change the decoration easily without spending a lot of money, so that the result is functional and cozy? Well, we believe we have the answer that can solve all the questions: for example, using […]